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Tēnā koe, welcome to my portfolio.

I'm a UI/UX designer & developer, originally from a traditional Graphic Design background and transitioned into Digital and Web Design.

I support digital accessibility, am curious and enjoy working with creative and development teams.

I take pride in my craft. I collaboratively plan, design, and deliver optimised digital solutions with best practices, professionalism, integrity and care.

  • Implementation of the UI/UX design process
  • Iterative wire-framing, design systems & prototypes
  • HTML components, React & Headless CMS's

Are you thinking about a new — or looking to upgrade an existing website?

I design and build optimised websites that are secure, cost-effective and fast. Performance. Integrations. Accessibility. SEO. Previews. Security. If you're looking for a new website or upgrading, I've got it covered for you. Furthermore, I make the most challenging parts of creating and great digital experience simple, leaving you more time to focus on your business.


I design and build websites that use; next-generation image formats and optimisation, styled-components, lazy-loading, prefetching resources, and more to improve your website's performance and page loading speed.

Only 4% of websites meet Google's Core Web Vitals. Does your website meet the Core Web Vitals? More importantly, has your website provider talked to you about their strategy on how they plan to meet the Core Web Vitals? As of June 2021, Google will consider “Page Experience” as part of search ranking, measured by a set of Core Web Vitals metrics.

An optimised website that loads quickly helps achieve the Core Web Vitals and contributes to a better user experience and positive page rankings.


I have an interest in and support digital accessibility. Accessibility does not happen by accident. It has to be purposefully planned, built, and tested. Inaccessible websites deprive users with disabilities of experiences and opportunities that other people take for granted. 24% of New Zealanders identify themselves as having a disability. It does not make sense to ignore these users. An accessible website is inclusive. Is your website accessible?

WebAIM recognises the framework I use as the most accessible web framework with built-in best practices like accessible routing, progressive page enhancement and a built-in linting tool to find accessibility errors. Help make the web work for everyone.

Content & Previews

2021 offers a wide range of content systems. DatoCMS, Sanity, WordPress, Contentful, and Agility are tools I have worked with in the past.

I have created a demonstration template of what Prismic can accomplish with just one manageable and straightforward template. This website is utilising Prismic CMS to manage content. Prismic is cost-effective and has a great user onboarding and experience for content creators, designers and developers. Prismic empowers content creators to develop and publish websites without constraints in locales of their choice. Create a schedule for releases, preview and share your content changes.

Don't let your website design and content to drift into restrictive and uncompromising templates. Build and publish what and when you want to.

Demonstration template


I use React to generate static HTML at build time. No server and no reachable database equals no malicious requests, DDOS attacks or accidental exposure. Your website attack surface will be low to non-existent.


I design and develop websites for a global CDN that don't require complex scaling operations or expensive hosting plans. They scale when needed, but when traffic drops, so does your usage — and your costs. Host your website for less (cheaper than Wix, WordPress and Squarespace) and use less energy. If you plan to administer your website on your own and have a low traffic, you could be hosting for free. It's a more brilliant choice for those considering responsible hosting with lower costs and carbon footprint!


In my hands, your website will be blazingly fast, accessible, secure and customised. You will get personal support, and I respond to requests because I simply 🧡 what I do.

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